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Travelling is an addiction – once you start, it’s hard to stop which is why I’ve been doing it for over 20 years. It’s hard to say which place is my favorite; the smell from the food stalls in the Jemmaa el Fna square in Marrakech, Petra at sunset, Machu Picchu at sunrise, rafting down the Zambezi, the Backwaters in Kerala – all spectacular in their own right. I could go on, but I wish to extend this invitation to all those adventure seekers who want to see the world and create their own memories.


My husband and I recently used the services of Robyn Bentley of Personal Travel Management, and thanks to her in-depth knowledge and understanding of Africa, we enjoyed the trip of a lifetime. The itinerary she arranged, including lodges, day trips and a 10-night mobile safari, was all top-notch -- exceeding expectations. We were especially pleased with her recommendation of Harkness Safaris. Andrew Harkness intuitively knows how to anticipate the actions of the animals you want to see. He has an uncanny knack for being in exactly the right place at the right time. Andrew’s genuine love of Botswana’s wildlife, flowers and trees is irresistible and his knowledge is comparable to someone with a PhD. What makes Andrew unique is his playful sense of adventure combined with an eye to safety, so his guests can experience memorable moments but never be in harm’s way. Andrew and his team are also very attentive in attending to the needs of his guests, and his chef prepares food over an open fire that would rival some of the best restaurants in the world.
Susan Danard & James Buck
"Where in the World? Where indeed? Just ask Robyn Bentley and chances are she has been there, and if she hasn’t she has profound and intimate knowledge of every corner of the globe. She works with great tour companies and guarantees a level of adventure that fits our needs. And we have had some amazing ones! We are lucky enough to have traveled to every continent thanks to arrangements made by Robyn, and her predecessor Mona Hubinette (who sadly died in early 2017). Every trip was a life-changer, every plan meticulous, every piece of advice top notch. Robyn is brilliant and knowledgeable - and a wonderful person as well. For a verbal recommendation feel free to contact us via PTM."
Clive and Carol-Ann Jackson
For years Robyn Bentley, of Personal Travel Management, has arranged my overseas trips. Working with Robyn is a pleasure and worry free. She is very professional and constantly keeps in touch, sending me the most current information re the trip. She will make all arrangements if I desire, and follows up to encourage feedback on my experience with her choices. The key with Robyn is she is "personal". She is so genial to deal with, either by phone or email. With Robyn managing my travels, I trust that there will be no surprises on the other end. Her connections make sure of this. Robyn has always been flexible and very responsive to my needs, such as keeping to my budget on our last trip and arranging mid-range hotels at my request in Vietnam and Cambodia. Despite required changes in our available dates, she willingly adjusted arrangements accordingly. We were pleased with all our tourist guides, the tours, hotels, the flights and ground transportation throughout. Robyn's bottom line is obviously her customers satisfaction!
Nancy Carson
I could give no higher endorsement to friends than to recommend they seek out the same travel service provider we found to be so exceptional. This was exactly the case with Robyn Bentley of Personal Travel Management . Advised, planned and carefully tended by Robyn, our family trip to Africa two years ago was a lifetime highlight. My husband I had no hesitation whatsoever in passing our friends into her attentive, knowledgeable and very delightful hands for their own safari adventure.
Wayne and Claire Powell
My wife and I were referred to Robyn Bentley by a friend who was also referred by one their friends. I have worked with other travel agents but none have been more qualified or professional than Robyn. One of Robyn's special qualities is that not only does she respond to queries promptly but more often than not Robyn anticipated problems and issues relating to our trip and dealt with them early on in the planning process. This can only come from experience. We have worked with Robyn in planning an African trip and can say without reservation that she is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects in travel to Africa. We have been totally impressed with Robyn's handling of our travel requirements and would recommend her services to anyone.
Wayne and Kathleen Kennedy
As the name implies, PTM & Robyn Bentley provides me with individualized and customized service, she makes recommendations based on her knowledge of my preferences and their knowledge. I have been a satisfied client of hers since 1998. On one trip, bad weather necessitated changes to my travel itinerary and Robyn rebooked me and got me to my destination the next day, whereas a fellow traveler who had booked his own travel had to buy a new plane ticket. Regardless of how convenient it is to book my own travel on line, I ask Robyn to do it for me so someone knows where I am throughout my travel.
Sheila Page
My name is Eoin White and I am the founder of Sherpaencounters. I been taking groups to Nepal and this year marks my 25th trip to Everest base camp, and my 30th Himalayan trek. Robyn has been my travel agent for all 30 treks. Over the years I have had my friends and clients who have accompanied me use Robyn as their preferred agent. She takes care of their flight bookings and additional travels in conjunction with their Nepal adventure. She also provides bombproof travel insurance. I have had 6 helicopter evacuations over the past 14 years, and not one claim was ever disputed. Here's why I always encourage those traveling with me to use Robyn: 1. She can find even better prices and routes 2. If you want to change your flight while in a third world country or if things go sour, it can be almost impossible to get anything changed or done. Of the 240 people who have traveled with me, dozens of them for various reasons have needed her help. She is always there for you and can get what seems to be impossible done. 3. She has become the preferred and most trusted travel agent of all of my friends. If you book with her you will see why.
Eoin White [email protected]
I met Robyn in March of 2006 when she was an agent for a newly formed Nepal adventure company called Sherpa Encounters. At that time I was interested in trekking mountains worldwide but was frustrated with conventional travel companies. Since that time Robyn, through Personal Travel Management, has sent me to the four corners of the globe. Adventure treks, adventure trips, cruising, flights, hotels and everything in between, Robyn has been able to accommodate my wife's and my travel needs. Along with her expertise in planning our trips, she has been there for travel support. Circumstances arise on world adventures and Robyn with her network and expertise has been able to aid in any situation we've encountered along the way to a happy resolve. Without Robyn's expertise on world travel, we would not have been able to fulfill our travel dreams. We both give Robyn and Personal Travel Management our personal stamp of approval for any individual or group our personal stamp of approval for all travel needs. Whether it is trekking some of the highest mountains such as Mt. Everest or cruising to the bottom of the world around Cape Horn, Robyn gets us there and back efficiently and safely.
Austin & Terri Trasolini
"Robyn's experience, contacts, attention to detail, quick responses and check-backs - and sense of humour - have provided us with many great trips. Starting with adventure travel packages and European cycling, we moved on to complex tailor-made trips to places as Brazil, Colombia, Panama, and just recently 4 weeks in India (my 5th visit). As we age, she knows how to make the right recommendations and gets right on to the many details required. We love dealing with her - and the physical distance between us in Vancouver, and Robyn in New Zealand is seamless, and time differences never a problem."
Juanita and Jim Tupper, 2016
We would just like to pass along how happy we were with the service and attention we received from Robyn while arranging our trip to Africa this year. As we gave fairly short notice for a 5 week trip we were not sure it would be able to be arranged. Robyn was great to work with, easy to get hold of and very prompt at responding to our questions. She did a fabulous job with flights, accommodation and so many helpful suggestions. We had one of our best trips ever with multiple stops, safari, island stay and self drive. Everything went beautifully and exceeded our expectations. We will definitely use Robyn again and would highly recommend her services. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime!!
Keith and Rennie Furlotte
We have travelled extensively and to most corners of the earth -- especially to places that are well off the beaten track. Robyn Bentley has an amazing wealth of knowledge and personal experience, which we have drawn upon and from which we have benefited for more than ten years. She has assembled adventures for us in South, East and North Africa, Central and South America and a number of countries in Asia (including the ‘Stans, Mongolia, Sri Lanka and India). Having become familiar with our likes and dislikes, Robyn approaches a travel plan by identifying the options which she knows will be of interest to us. She never “sells” a trip without regard as to whether it is likely to be a success, but instead explores with us those possibilities which we are likely to enjoy. In 2012, we confidently entrusted Robyn with the responsibility of arranging a trip to Kenya for our family including two grandsons then aged 10 and 12 years and whose mother had never ventured outside North America and who therefore understandably needed assurance that her children would not be placed at unnecessary risk. It was the trip of a lifetime which we will all continue to talk about for decades to come. Robyn knocked that trip for all six of us right out of the ballpark! We have absolute and unconditional trust in Robyn’s judgment and professionalism – and the testament to that is we have referred a great many friends and family members to her over the years. Unsurprisingly, everyone has returned with glowing reports about her efforts on their behalf. A word of warning, however!! If you engage Robyn for your next trip… be prepared to be bitten by the travel bug! Life is an adventure & Robyn will always be a part of our ongoing travel escapades!
Susan & Graham Phillips
I have been dealing with Robyn Bentley since 2005 as a leisure travel planner. She has now grown into being both my business and personal travel guru. Her knowledge of connecting from one city to another is second to none. I have a lot of complicated business itineraries and she did it with the most efficient and effective way. She is fast, no nonsense, and she will only give me the best advice. Without her arranging my travel, I would be lost. I highly recommend Ms. Bentley, hands down.
Juliana Yu, VP Finance Reliable Controls
We were very impressed with the work that Robyn did for us. She was very thorough and paid close attention to our travel requests (both budget and tours). She was very knowledgeable about the areas we visited and her recommendations were all on the money. We had many components to this trip that involved hotels, transfers, flights & boats. In all cases everything was taken care of to the ninth degree and went off without a hitch. We wouldn't hesitate to use work with Robyn again or to recommend her to our friends and family. Thanks Robyn for helping make it a truly memorable vacation!
May & Dave Nicol

Travel Specialties

Adventure Travel, African Safaris, Tailor Made Experiences, Luxury Travel, Group Travel


Certified Adventure Travel Specialist, Licensed Travel Insurance Agent

Destination Specialties

Africa, Middle East, Asia, Latin America including the Galapagos

Most Memorable Travel Experience

One that sticks out quite fondly is spending a few days just walking and hiking around Petra in Jordan by ourselves and soaking up the atmosphere, seeing the change of colors throughout the day and formations of the rock city which is simply quite amazing. Not to forget the sunset!

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